In today’s technological world, the distribution and exchange of information is, in a large part, delivered via the internet. However, the continuous expansion of the World Wide Web complicates the accumulation of trustworthy and high-quality information, as well as the creation of truly new scientific awareness, and this serves as a barrier to sharing knowledge. This barrier has a striking impact on scientific research and productivity. At the same time, the service-providing industry is in the midst of a revolutionary transformation. New and existing technologies, particularly web-based applications, enable us to accomplish ambitious goals more efficiently than ever before, in the history of humankind. We would like to contribute to this dynamic chain of achievements and achieve new and higher levels in the creation of software solutions for cloud working in academic environments.

Over the past years, Knowlance AG has created what we call the ‘Academic Crowd’. The Academic Crowd combines software precision and intelligence with human excellence, incorporated into our self-development project management software. This is a proprietary web-based application software solution to completing complex tasks quickly and efficiently. Additionally, with the help of our freelancers’ intellectual abilities and their in-depth knowledge, we are able to consider the worth behind diverse material, helping our clients carry out their projects with maximum satisfaction to realize optimal results.

Our vision can be summed up in three fundamental principles:

1. Crowd-sourcing is the future of work, especially in highly professional environments.

2. A group of well-selected academic freelancers is the best option to carrying out even the most complex tasks to completion.

3. An extraordinary, dedicated software solution and a well-trained, efficient team of project managers are crucial for the execution of the project completion process, and guaranteeing the highest quality of all projects.

We strive for excellence in every area of service and we simply get the job done, by defining what needs to be done, and then assigning the right freelancers for the job. In addition, our clients have the added benefit of our experienced operators managing every project from start to finish, no matter what type, academic level or professional standing.