Knowlance AG is a leading academic crowd-working company that specialises in producing and delivering high-quality academic services to our clients. Our core team comprises a dedicated group of professionals, such as young entrepreneurs, software specialists and project managers with extensive scientific backgrounds. In addition, each one of our team members has a broad academic network of contacts, a passion for modern technologies and an enormous urge for thinking outside the box. It is our goal to create a new working environment for academic freelancers and to offer companies, as well as individuals, access to a wide range of affordable services for academic and highly professional environments.

We are a premier academic cloud-working service that offers the expertise of knowledgeable professionals to achieve the highest level of excellence in delivering the high-quality projects to our clients. Our clients access our specialised end-to-end web-based solutions-driven crowd-sourcing software to submit projects for completion by our experts. These experts, along with our core support team members, offer a range of comprehensive services delivered with accuracy, courteous communications and timely feedback.

At Knowlance AG, we essentially believe that virtually every job sequence in modern working environments can be outsourced to and processed by a crowd of freelance workers, provided the entire process is managed by experienced project managers through a dedicated software platform. This is what we provide with our cloud-based managed services, project managers and pool of freelancers.

Our workforce consists of a pool of more than 2500 knowledgeable scientists and academic freelance experts who are experienced with text writing, text editing, data mining, researching and proofreading. In addition, our pool of experts come from a wide range of scientific disciplines and professional backgrounds from all over the world, and we are excited to help them to do what they love, while getting paid for it. In addition, we are even more excited to have the opportunity to serve our many clients who come to us for assistance.