By combining academic knowledge and innovative software solutions, Knowlance AG supports its clients with crowd-working services for academic and highly professional environments. We are continuously building and maintaining a crowd of academic intellectuals who are able to offer a variety of services for projects in many professional and scientific areas. Combining our professionals’ in-depth knowledge and our software intelligence, clients are able to assign even exceptional projects to the right team of specialists, sourced from our experienced staff of highly trained and capable freelancers.

Our experienced professionals understand the creative processes required for producing excellent academic and professional papers. In addition, we specialise in providing custom content creation offered at reasonable rates. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and work diligently, around the clock, to meet our clients’ deadlines. We are dedicated and focus on our clients’ unique needs. Knowlance AG takes a low-maintenance approach, which allows clients to ‘fire and forget’, while remaining safe in the knowledge that their projects are in good hands.

The advantages of our cloud-working services are clear:

+ lower costs
+ faster execution
+ reliable quality
+ immediate scalability
+ high flexibility
+ confidentiality


Our ‘academic crowd’ consists of specialists from various academic branches. This includes scientific authors, editors, supervisors, translators, consultants and academic coaches with in-depth knowledge in their respective scientific disciplines. Due to the size of our pool of academic freelancers, clients are able to find the right assistance for even very sophisticated and extraordinary projects.


Being able to manage thousands of parallel projects, each with its own uniqueness and complexity, is a demanding challenge in operations. To meet this challenge, our team of IT specialists has developed an eco-system of mission-critical components towards a revolutionary, efficient and easy-to-maintain project management platform. With our software infrastructure, we are able to manage large numbers of highly complex tasks with efficiency and no rivals in crowd-sourced work processes.


Knowlance AG is dedicated to supporting businesses and individuals with its crowd-sourced academic workforce. Professional services provided include, but are not limited to:

+ research
+ peer review
+ data mining
+ text writing
+ text editing
+ proofreading
+ translations
+ content creation
+ consulting
+ coaching
+ B2C customer support

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